Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Codex? Hopefully we can answer it here!

Do your model providers (Anthropic, OpenAI) use my input and/or translation data to train their models?

Absolutely not. Our agreements with model providers strictly forbid them from using any of your data to train their models. We make sure your input stays your own, no strings attached.

Do your model providers (Anthropic, OpenAI) keep my input and/or translation data?

Nope, they don’t keep your data. Data from Codex is gone from their systems within 30 days. Your privacy is a top priority for us.

Does Codex keep my content and/or translation data?

Similar to Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive, we store your translations so that you can access them again later.

You can erase all data associated with your account whenever you choose, in line with our Privacy Policy (opens in a new tab).

How up-to-date are the models used by Codex?

We follow developments in large language models (LLMs) closely. Whenever something better comes along, we’re on it – making sure Codex uses the best models on the market.

If you have any other questions that aren't answered here, feel free to e-mail the CEO, Archie McKenzie.